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As the first motel in Sweden, Hotel Gyllene Uttern is by tradition a very popular place. 
Our À la Carte menu is served on our glazed veranda, with a breathtaking view of
Lake Vättern and Visinsgö island. 
Broiled asparagus with dry-cured ham
Served with pesto, crème double, grilled cherry tomato, pickled red onion
& roasted hazelnuts
145 kr
Smoked salmon tartare
Served with bleak roe, fried bread & pickled red onion
175 kr
Toast Skagen
Served with homebaked bread, dill oil & bleak roe
175 kr
Gyllene Uttern's smoked shrimps
Served with aioli, fried French baguette & grilled lime
180 kr
White asparagus soup
Served with buillion-cooked seasonal vegetables & langoustine
165 kr
Main Courses
Smoked pork sausage from Hugo's Charcuterie in Örserum
Served with dill & applestewed potatoes, mustard from Loos and pickled beetroots
195 kr
The Otter's herring
Served with browned butter, potatoe purée and lingonberries
195 kr
Herb and galic crusted lamb fillet
Served with a rich red wine sauce, potato puree with basil & fried artichoke
295 kr
Beef tenderloin from Småland
Served with a foie gras sauce, glazed onions and asparagus, fried parsnip,
together with a potato & vegetable terrine
315 kr
Broiled Arctic char
Served with a potato & walnut puree, caesar dressing, romaine lettuce,
marinated radishes & citrus maple syrup
25 kr
Perch from Vadstena
Served with a white wine sauce, langoustine, salmon roe, leek, asparagus & basil oil
295 kr
Roasted portabello
Served with mozzarella, spinach, bell pepper & pesto pasta 
175 kr
Beluga lentil risotto
Served with buttered vegetables, fried parsnip & parmigiano
185 kr
5-layered chocolate terrine
Served with apple sorbet, chili marinated pineapple & dried Granny Smith apple
120 kr
Crème Brûlée
Served with wild strawberry ice cream & fresh berries
110 kr
Rhubarb crumb pie
Served with vanilla ice cream & rhuarb crudité
95 kr
Gyllene Uttern's assorted chocolates
Chocolate pralines from Gränna Chocolate Factory
25 kr/piece
Assorted Swedish cheeses
Served with Swedish crisp bread & marmalade from the local producers Harg-Odlarna
115 kr

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