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When Greta Garbo visited our hotel, she would always choose suite no. 123 in our main building,
and there is no question why.
With its paved balcony, and a breathtaking view of lake Vättern and its island Visingsö, it is one of our most luxurious rooms and a perfect getaway for a romantic weekend. 
Besides luxury and elegance, Hotel Gyllene Uttern does also offer more modern rooms in the wing buildings
- perfect for conference guest that wish to stay the night. 
In total we have 51 rooms, whereas 9 of them are located in the main building, and the rest in our wing buildings.
We have dedicated one room with easier access to our guests with disabilites.
Due to the hotel's age and design, we would like to inform that some areas in the main building might be difficult to access by wheelchair. 
Rooms for pets are also available.
Accomodations in short
Nr. of suites: 4 (main building)
Nr. of single rooms: 4 (wing buildings)
Nr. of double roooms: 44 (6 of them are located in the main building)
Nr. of beds: 98

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